Password Protection with Password Card

This is a bit of a stretch of topic for this blog, but identity and password protection is important in the modern age, when one must be vigilant in protecting one's assets. Weak passwords (basically, anything less than 8 characters) are not that hard to guess, and most people fall into simple patterns like birthdays and such. However, people cannot remember the really tough passwords. Here's a little help, called Password Card.

Password Card is a card filled with gobbledygook that makes no sense to anybody, but it is really a password reference. Go to the website and it will randomly create a card for you. The chance of someone else getting the same card is infinitesimal. You will need to guard the specific "key" (which is the number above the card) in case you need to recreate the card.

How you use it? For each account you need to make a password for, pick a specific combination of symbol and color. Yes, you will need a color printer. Then pick at least 8 characters from the starting point, going any direction you choose, left/right/up/down/diagonal. That is your password. As long as you remember the combination, like smiley/pink or diamond/blue, and you used a consistent direction that you recall, you know your password, that is nearly impossible to guess. EVEN if you lost the card, as long as you did not leave any hints on the card itself (finger smudges, pen marks...) it is useless to anybody except you.

You can use this for multiple accounts, and it should vastly increase your password strength.
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